Ah! An example that emergency management/ disasters involve just about every aspect of society! Wouldn't expect to find something related on Sports Net but here you go - an interesting story about baseball in Haiti post - earthquake. It's difficult to isolate the earthquake from Haiti. As with all catastrophes the event becomes a temporal and cultural distinction for those involved.

"In many ways, Darg says, the league is a microcosm of Haiti. “All these players have issues that represent the issues of the nation,” he says. “Can you imagine that happening to a Little League team in the U.S.? A team with 18 players and two of them die?” But the Tigers kept playing, and the league kept growing. The game was the boys’ escape from the reality of life and death in Port-au-Prince. It gave them structure and brought them food. It gave them something to do, and it was fun. There’s a plan to create a girls’ league. And to set up a program for disabled players. To have teams spread across the country, and to one day beat the Dominican Republic. One day…"