Daily Round-Up

Oh man... another day where my browser looks like this:

Rapid Fire: 

Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919
Weird News: 

  • Molasses spills are a real thing... I think I might literally be obsessed with this molasses spill in Hawaii... It's seriously blowing my mind. Well according to THIS article from Nat Geo the company had no contingency plan for a spill, let alone a large spill like this one. Some good news is that researchers seem to think that even though it originally suffocated all the fish it will in fact be a self correcting clean up since it's sugar... not oil. ALSO apparently there was a precedent for a molasses spill in Boston in 1919 and KILLED 21 people and injured 150. "The molasses rushed through the streets at 35 miles an hour, creating a swath of destruction." Apparently there was a book written about the disaster. It's now sitting in my Amazon cart. It looks like the plan for now is to just let nature take its course so we (as in humans) don't make it worse. Although there is the possibility of pumping oxygen into the ocean so that the animals can breathe... let's all reflect on how insane that sounds...