Daily Update

Well I don't mean to brag but my blog is kind of a big hit. 500 page views this week. Sweet.

Unfortunately I don't have much time tonight (the literature review of my thesis is quite literally a disaster and I need to go manage it <-- see what I did there) but here's a few things I've come across today:

This one was shared with me by Nicole (aka - 
The Queen of Facebook). Who do we thank following a disaster? Who saves lives? Who are the heroes? Typically we think of fire, police, EMS and OF COURSE they are all heroes BUT there's lots of other people to thank. This article deals with the "Unsung Heroes" of the plane that crashed in San Francisco - THE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS.

United should get this printed on a t-shirt for all their flight attendants to wear... goodbye sexist comments hello certified badass...

"I don’t think of myself as a sex symbol or a servant. I think of myself as somebody who knows how to open the door of a 747 in the dark, upside down and in the water"

I always purchases an exit row seat when flying not because I want to be the first off the plane when it crashes but so I can jump up and manage what's happening. I'm a control freak. It really never occurred to me how qualified flight attendants are but now that it's been pointed out it's so obvious that maybe on my next flight I'll choose an aisle seat...

(Also it quotes Sheryl Sandberg... speaking of heroes)

Next up: A new climate change map! 

I love maps. Especially color coded maps.

Versions of this article have been flitting around for the past few days. In short: Climate has changed and will continue to change. We have limited resources (time, money, knowledge, etc.) and lots of places that need those resources. So we're going to have to prioritize and make some *tough* decisions... This map looks at which areas are the most vulnerable to climate change. It appears to be using vulnerability to mean ecological vulnerability. You know... the usual, uplifting, climate change talk...

More on the ladies...

Here's the title of the article - In 1961, Harvard Told Married Women They Probably Shouldn't Bother Studying Urban Planning. 

The title pretty much says it all.

Luckily for me it's not 1961 (although often 2013 doesn't feel much better), I'm not married, and I don't go to Harvard.

In current events:

Since these were all pretty depressing here is an article COMPLETELY unrelated to emergency management. It's an article about surviving whole foods. It's hilarious. 

And with that all my tabs are closed in my browser... off to manage The Beast that is The Thesis...