Water Infrastructure

The Atlantic Cities Blog knows my soul. 

Any website that freely throws the word resilient around without ever once defining it is one that will be guaranteed my long-term attention. We've discussed my infatuation with dictionary definitions at length so I won't revisit this. 

Among this weeks lengthy list of fascinating articles (see below) is one on the TERRIBLE infrastructure (as compared to other developed nations) in America... specifically our water infrastructure. 

"What's the problem with American water infrastructure? In part, it's the same old story: federal infrastructure spending in the U.S. continues to fall and cash-strapped cities, choked by the sequester and the economic crisis, can't afford to fill in the gaps."

The article discusses the lack of creativity and innovation in the water-management-infrastructure-sector because "Water authorities are slow to adapt, and officials are not rewarded for taking the risks required for innovation as much as they are punished for failure."

Lack of creativity and innovation in anything is dooming, especially when that anything is water infrastructure... I mean really... America - priorities!!

Check out the story here. 

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