Teen CERT Slide Show

I've been teaching Teen CERT to two classes of high schoolers in North Dakota this semester. I worked with creating a Teen CERT program this summer in Maine but this is my first time actually teaching the class. Overall it's been a pretty great experience. The kids are, for the most part, engaged and the guest speakers that have come in to give lectures have been great. We're winding down towards the end of the semester which means I have to give the presentations I've been putting off because I'm less confident in my knowledge of the topics.... i.e. Terrorism.

Of course my lecture is tomorrow leaving me little time to prepare. As such I decided the best approach would be to download the official CERT powerpoint from FEMA's website, edit a few things, and Boom - good to go!

Much to my surprise as I was flipping through I came across this slide:

Note the photograph - a neon sign reading "No Drugs or Nuclear Weapons Allowed Inside". I immediately recognized this as the sign that is hanging up outside the Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans (that tourist are always drunkenly taking photos in front of). I will admit that I was quite shocked to see this photo used in a formal FEMA slide show about a topic as serious as terrorism. I was curious as to what the sign was referencing. A google search yielded no applicable results. Although I did discover this sign is up at several restaurants around the world. I posted this to Facebook but apparently none of my friends are savvy enough to understand the nuance. So, instead of letting it go like most people I've decided to stalk Hard Rock Cafe until I get my answer. I'm starting with Twitter...

I will keep you all updated. I did decide to leave the photo in the slide show. It will be a nice test tomorrow to see if the kids are paying attention... I don't think they'd let a picture like that skip by without a comment ;) 


Hard Rock responded! (Isn't Twitter freaking awesome!!!)