Teaching/ Learning Resources  

Climate Change Crash Course

Devastation and flooding in Walcheren following the 1958 Flood

Disease Crash Course

Drought and Famine: Crash Course World History

George Carlin on Hurricane Katrina

George Carlin interview on Real Time with Bill Maher, and Kurt Vonnegut, Joe Scarborough, Hurricane Katrina (min 27 for disaster myths - good example of why we need disaster researchers represented in the media)

Hank Green explains "global warming" and the 2013 polar vortex

In the Shadows of Katrina (explains issues surrounding Road Home) 

Jon Stewart on Hurricane Isaac 2012

Love Canal: A Legacy of Doubt

Nuclear Power's Promise and Peril: Three Mile Island

On Shaky Ground: Loma Prieta 

Political Ad

Protecting Against Flooding: Holland's storm-surge barrier

Robin Williams on Hurricanes and Earthquakes 

Summer on Fire (1988 US Forest Fires) 

The West Wing Season 5 - Disaster Relief

The Day the Lights Went Out - 1993 Northeast Blackout

Youtube Disasters Channel

When a Bridge Falls: Collapse of the I-35W bridge

Deleted Scenes of Women in Disaster Written By Men

Documentaries on Disasters 

Disruption (Climate Change)

Exxon Valdez: In the Wake of Disaster

Hidden in the Limelight of the Tsunami: Aceh's Silent Disasters

Hurricane Sandy: Documentary of the Disaster of Super Storm Sandy


Presentations on Disasters 

Natural Disaster Mitigation - Scott B. Miles, Western Washington University (note: I have a few disagreements with this presentation but overall a good overview of emergency management)

Historical Background Historical Background on the New Orleans on the New Orleans Levee System - J. David Rogers, University of Missouri University of Missouri -Rolla